Our First Store Opening June 25, 1996.
Thanks to our Snarfers for 20 years of their passionate support.
We celebrate you and our
450+ team members!

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Our motto
We have Snarfers of all ages
A dedicated Snarfer
Did you know we were named after our founder... "Snarf" today.

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Charitable Giving Day!

Thanks for joining us on Saturday, June 25th. 100% of the profits from the day went to local food banks in our communities including: Food Bank of the Rockies, Community Food Share, Bridge House, St. Vincent DePaul Sandwich Kitchen and Hope Food Pantry.

Check back for other great charitable events like this one!

From April 15-June 15, Golden Tickets were hidden in our sandwich wrappers and the lucky winners received FREE Snarf's for One Year! Check out some of our winners....